Truck Maintenance Tips for your Chevy or GMC Pickup

Truck Maintenance
Truck Maintenance

Chevy and GMC make some of the most dependable pickup trucks on the market. If you want your truck run for the long haul, you must keep up with regular truck maintenance. Here’s how to keep your workhorse in excellent condition.

  • Get oil changes

Clean oil and oil filters play a huge part in your truck’s powerful engine operating smoothly and efficiently. As oil ages, it becomes dirty and contaminated and no longer properly lubricates and protects your truck’s parts. To prevent this disaster, get your truck’s oil changed regularly. Your truck’s owner manual will tell you how frequently your specific model needs this service.

  • Routine fluid checks

Get in the habit of regularly checking all fluid levels, including engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

  • Rotate tires

Your truck’s tires work hard when towing for work and off-roading during your fun time away. Rotate your truck’s tires regularly, so they receive even wear and last longer with solid traction and efficiency.

  • Get check-ups

You can do some truck maintenance yourself, but getting your truck checked by professionals covers all bases for potential future problems. Bring your Chevy or GMC truck into Country Chevrolet once or twice a year for a reliable inspection.

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